How to Maximize the Benefits of a Padded Bra

Women wear bras for a variety of reasons. Be it for support or for shape enhancement, bras are considered to be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Among all types of bras, the padded bra is the most common. Understanding the features of its design will help women choose the right kind of padded bra for their own personal needs. Wearing the right type of bra can certainly provide a lot of benefits. For that reason, it’s important for women to know the difference between a standard padded bra and a sexy bralette. Knowing the differences between all sorts of bra will save them from the discomfort of wearing the wrong type of bra in various occasions.

Sexy Bralette

First, they need to understand the design method that’s used in producing a single pair of padded bra. Basically, the paddings are stitched or inserted into the cups to achieve the illusion of having a fuller bust line. As a bonus, the paddings also add more comfort to the wearer. To make it look more convincing or natural, it’s best for women to go for graduated padding, the type that’s thicker at the bottom and gradually thins out towards the top edges of the cup. Paddings are made from a whole range of materials such as silicone, polyester, cotton, water, foam, gel, and fiber fill among others. Each type of material can be beneficial depending on the user’s personal preferences.

Bra Padding

As mentioned, padded bras are usually worn to enhance breast size or shape. However, having fuller looking breasts isn’t the only advantage to wearing a padded bra. This type of bra is also great for women with sensitive breasts. The extra cushion from the padding is good for added protection.

Padded Bra

To properly enjoy all the benefits of a padded bra, it’s important to know how to choose one that fits well. Aside from making the wearer feel uncomfortable, the wrong bra size can also be unflattering. Wearing one that is too tight can create bulges in certain areas. On the other hand, wearing a bra that is too big can appear lumpy and tacky. So, when shopping for padded bras, women should consider three important things: the fit, the fabric, and the quality. It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive pair to ensure great quality but if anyone is going to spend money on something a bit pricey, she has to make sure that it satisfies her style preference, her needs, and desired level of comfort for it to be considered as a great investment.

Five Obvious Signs You’re a Lingerie Addict

Women love lingerie. That’s a fact. They love going to lingerie shops and buying cute and girly stuff; they may even be considered experts when it comes to lingerie because of their vast knowledge about it. There are also those who go beyond being lingerie-savvy; they are perhaps more aptly labeled as lingerie addicts.

Simply put, a lingerie addict is a person whose love for lingerie is so intense, it is practically an obsession. Are you a lingerie addict? Here are five of the most obvious signs you’d do well to look out for:

1. Closing your lingerie drawer is always a challenge.Drawer for Lingeries

One of the most obvious signs that you are a lingerie addict is when your lingerie drawer is filled to the brim, such that you always find it almost impossible to get it closed. And even when the drawer is already overflowing with bras, panties, nightgowns, and hosiery, you still keep adding more. You may even have developed a fondness for buying lingerie drawers as well.

2. You always know where and when the next lingerie sale is happening.Lingerie Sale

You have a growing lingerie collection in your drawer and you are still determined to add more items in it, so you always make it a point to know where and when the next lingerie sale is happening. More importantly, you always make time for the sale, no matter how busy your schedule is. For you, this is the perfect time to buy that item you just couldn’t afford last season.

3. You actually know the difference between corset and corsage, petticoat and pettipants.Corset Design

You are so well-versed in the various types of lingerie that you actually know the features that set each type apart from others. The average woman would have a hard time trying to distinguish a corset from a corsage. People would think you majored in lingerie studies in college.

4. When you see someone wearing a cute bra, you have an uncontrollable urge to ask where she bought it.Cutie Bra

A lingerie addict would always boast to her friends that she has all types of bras and panties in her drawer and this is why she is likely to react when she sees someone wearing something that isn’t in her collection. Her lingerie collection is her most prized possession, so she has to make sure it includes all types of lingerie. Her ego suffers when she finds someone wearing a cute bra or a new type of panty that still isn’t part of her collection. If a lingerie addict got caught in this situation, she won’t hesitate to ask who designed the lingerie you are wearing and where you bought it.

5. The outfit you are wearing matches you lingerie. Always.Matching Outfit and Underwear

Lingerie is so important to you that you make your decisions regarding what to wear based on what you are wearing underneath. Is it a pink and lacy thong that you are wearing? Then you are probably wearing a sexy pink blouse as well. Lingerie addicts are so obsessed that they make their lingerie the basis for their everyday outfit.

Lingerie and Media – Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

The fact that most people in the media industry hide is the reality that not all the things that you see in advertisements are as they are. Sadly, it’s true.

Lingerie Advertisement

Some lingerie manufacturers consider this as one of the challenges that they have to face (and at the same time avoid) in order to consistently entice their target market. If you are still very new to this entire advertising thing, this guide can help you get started and to keep you updated on the things that you need to avoid when you are advertising your lingerie product.

Avoid Creating Ads That Might Cause Issues and Controversies

If you do, you’re just going to lose a lot of your target market that way; if you do this habitually, there might come a time that you’ll suffer a fallout in terms of revenue. Though yes, advertisements really need to be attractive, catchy, and appealing, but you have to keep in mind that ads will be seen by the general public—including minors and people from different cultures and ethnicities. Keep your ads in the bounds of what is considered decent and socially acceptable.

Hello Boys

As has been mentioned above, when you plan to make an ad, be sure that it does not contain content that is completely inappropriate for some people. When it comes to lingerie, you need to make sure that it does not go overboard especially for those people who are under eighteen years of age.

Drawn-Out Descriptions and Airtimes

Remember that since this is an advertisement, it has to be quick, short, and contains all the important things that buyers need to know about your product in just a short span of time. People do not like to listen to long descriptions and draw-out airtimes.

Simple Lingerie Ad

When making an ad, always remember the abbreviation K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple). If you follow this principle but can come up with catchy ads, then you’re on the right track!

Using Vulgar Terms on the Ads

Seriously, just don’t! You are just going to offend people especially those who belong to a different culture and race. Always be mindful of the statements and taglines in your ad.

Vulgar Ad

A lot of advertising campaigns have already fallen into the rut of unwittingly offending the public, resulting to money lost in recalling ad campaigns, entire product lines, and yes, lawsuits.

Do Not Exaggerate

This is a popular blunder for those who are advertising their product to the point it feels that the product is really that super special from the other brands. If you are planning to add more pizazz into your advertising campaign that is just far off from the actual product/s, discontinue that idea immediately.

Madonna Lingerie

While your ad campaign might gain rapid popularity using this dishonest tactic, it would only be a matter of time—and a short one at that—before it crashes and burns.

Be Careful with Sponsorships

Being a sponsor for a certain event or advocacy can be a gamble. While you might have helped them in a way to make it a success but remember there is still the possibility that you might not get your money’s worth.


If you really want to be a sponsor, just give a small amount of contribution first. What matters is that your business is acknowledged. You’d be better off, however, in just prioritizing other advertising options to promote your products.

A Simple Guide to Achieve Fabulous Hollywood Look

Admit it girls! Every one of us wants to look like our favorite Hollywood celebrities. Who wouldn’t? They always seem to look flawless and gorgeous with their radiant skin, seductive lips, curvaceous body, perfect white teeth and alluring eyes. Hollywood celebrities have every bit to be considered as modern gods and goddesses; wherever they go and whatever they wear, they always manage to look perfect. Luckily, becoming equally beautiful with your favorite Hollywood star is now made possible with the advent of technology. With beauty products and accessories introduced in the market every now and then, you are now a step closer in achieving a fabulous Hollywood look.

Contact lenses, although considered as a tool for correcting visual impairment, are one of the many beauty accessories that can enhance your look and make your eyes more striking. Cosmetic contact lenses were first introduced in Asian countries, but over the time, Hollywood celebrities began to try using it and found it very effective in making them look more attractive. Cosmetic contact lenses are also helping Hollywood stars portray their roles in movie even better by changing the color of their eyes or make them look scary or ethereal depending on the roles they are playing. Here are types of cosmetic contact lenses that can help you achieve the most coveted Hollywood look without spending a wad of cash:

Enhancement Tint Contact Lens

Enhancement tint

Cosmetic colored contact lenses with enhancement tint are designed to make your eyes look more intense and soulful without changing the natural color of your eyes. This type of lenses is used by actresses and actors who are portraying characters with innocent or down-to-earth personalities. If you wanted to make yourself look more attractive without drastically changing your look, you can use this type of colored lenses.

Opaque Tints Contact Lens

Opaque tints

If you wanted to change your eye color from hazel to blue or green to purple and other bizarre colors, opaque tint is the perfect cosmetic lens for you. It drastically changes your eyes’ appearance, giving you a total transformation. This type of cosmetic lenses can make you stand out in a crowd (which is actually very important if you are a celebrity); so if you really wanted to achieve the fabulous Hollywood look you must not be afraid to steal the limelight by wearing something such as opaque tint that can transform your look drastically.

Theatrical Tint Contact Lens

Theatrical tints

Halloween contact lenses and other lenses with special effects fall into this type of cosmetic colored contact lenses. All of us are aware that actors and actresses portray roles that require them to transform their looks radically in movies such as Avatar, Twilight, The Host, Alice in Wonderland etc. and to be able to portray their roles successfully, they use theatrical tints. Theatrical tints make you look bizarre and outlandish.

Achieving the most coveted Hollywood look is not that hard to achieve with cosmetic contact lenses that has the ability to give you a pair of striking eyes that can make you look more beautiful just like Hollywood celebrities. There is no need for you to spend lots of money to look like a star; all you need is cosmetic colored contact lenses to make you look fabulous and gorgeous.

The Proper Way to Use Contact Lenses: A Guide for First Time Wearers

You’ve finally bought a fresh new pair of lenses. You’re on your way to clearer and brighter days ahead. However, in order to make sure that your eyes stay as healthy as possible while wearing contact lenses, there are several things that you need to follow.

Eye Discomfort

You are likely to feel minor discomfort during the break in period which normally lasts for a week or more. You can make the most out of this time to practice putting your contact lenses on properly. When fitting or removing your contact lenses, it is advisable that you look for a clean and steady surface where you can lean your elbows on. A clean surface is helpful especially when you accidentally drop a lens while putting it on. A clean surface will make it easier for you to find your lens. Contact lenses are wet and sticky, if you drop them in a smooth and clean surface they are less likely to pick up any debris as compared to dropping them on a carpeted floor. If you do drop them, make sure to check them for any damage and clean them again before you put them on.

Wearing Contact Lens

Aside from learning how to wear contact lenses properly, you should also develop the habit of cleaning them regularly. Don’t allow your lenses to dry out. For that reason, make sure not to leave your contact lens case open so they won’t dry out and be exposed to dust and other debris. Although if you happen to leave them open by accident, you can still salvage your dried out pair of lenses by automatically soaking them in solution.

Making sure that they are clean and thoroughly disinfected is important. However, that’s not all there is to it. Making sure they’re clean all the time also means that you should not allow other people to use them. They are among the most personal things you own, sharing them with other people is both weird and unhygienic. While it’s important to keep them naturally moist all the time, contact lenses should not be worn while engaging in any form of water sport. It’s also important to take them off before going to bed. If you’re a girl, you should always make sure that you’re contact lenses won’t be exposed to any type of cosmetic aerosols such as hair sprays. They should not be exposed to any make up particles as well. That’s why it’s recommended that contact lenses should be worn first before putting on makeup.

Clean Contact Lens The point is just to keep your contact lenses as clean as possible. The cleaner they are, the less likely for you to suffer from any form of eye irritation or infection.

How to Decode Your Contact Lens Prescription and Choose the Right Kind of Pair for You

Big Circle ContactsThere are basically more than ten types of contact lenses, each of which are designed to cater to a specific need. That is why it makes a lot of sense to consult a reliable eye care specialist first. You have to pinpoint which particular eye problem you are suffering from in order to match yourself with the right pair of contact lenses. Aside from that, you do really need to get a prescription first before you are allowed to buy a pair of contacts.

Eye Care SpecialistIn addition to finding out what type of vision problems you have, an eye care specialist will also provide you with your accurate eye measurements. Much like everything else with our bodies, the shape of our eyes is different from other people. So, once you have all the important details like base curve and diameters listed down on your prescription, it will be easier for you to look for a pair of contact lenses that fit correctly.

Aside from your eye measurements, the eye doctor will also include other important details in the prescription. However, if you do try to read your own prescription, you’ll see that it’s a little bit confusing. To help you make sense out of it, here is a short guide:

Corrective Lens

As you may have observed, doctors or any medical practitioner in general do love to use a lot of abbreviations. To make their writings seem less cryptic to you, it helps a lot to familiarize the most common abbreviations they use. When writing prescriptions, doctors refer to the left eye as the OS and the right eye as the OD. You’ll know when they are talking about the measurements of your eye when BC and DIA are mentioned. BC stands for base curve while DIA is short for diameter. The former refers to the actual curve of your eye while the latter points out where the edges of the lens are supposed to rest on your eye. If you come across the term PWR/SPHERICAL, it means that you are looking at the power for vision correction necessary for your eyes. In addition, you may also encounter the terms PLANO, AXIS, and CYLINDRICAL. These are different types of contact lenses. PLANO means no power so it does nothing to help or correct your vision. AXIS refers to the orientation of your lens cylinder. Finally, CYLINDRICAL refers to the type of toric lens that is ideal to correct the cylindrical aberration.

Why Having the Perfect Fit Is Important and How You Can Choose the Best Contact Lenses for Your Needs

Wearing Contact LensContact lenses are useful devices that can literally improve the way you see things. They are very convenient and easy to maintain. However, choosing a pair of contact lenses can be quite challenging simply because there are too much choices to choose from. When you browse through catalogs either online or in a nearby shop, you’ll be amazed at the variety. You can choose from hard or soft lenses, extended wear lenses, disposable lenses, and heavily opaque lenses.

Gas Permeable Lens

In order to choose one that works best for you, you have to weight in several factors. Basically, the first choice that you have to make is whether you want to have a pair of soft or hard lenses. Nowadays, the popular choice is soft lenses. According to Dr. Thomas Steinemann, an associate professor of ophthalmology at Case Western University, nine out of ten people who use contact lenses would choose the soft type. However, if you suffer from astigmatism, your best option is to go for the hard lenses or also known as the rigid gas-permeable lenses. If you suffer from minor to moderate hyperopia or myopia, you can go for the soft type of lenses.

Once you’ve made the choice between the two, you can then move on to choose which subcategory of contact lenses best suits your needs. You have to consider the level of vision correction you need and the frequency of how often these lenses need to be replaced. If you’re looking for a pair of contact lenses that you can wear regularly then you can go for the daily wear contact lenses. Oftentimes, this type of lenses is also the least expensive. However, because you need to use them every day, you have to be willing to bear the burden of having to clean and disinfect them every night.

If you’re a night person who is fond of wearing contact lenses during night outs, then you might want to consider getting the extended wear contact lenses. If you’re busy and forgetful then these are also the best choice of contact lenses for you. Unlike regular lenses, this type can be worn overnight. However, you do need to take them off at least once every week for disinfection.

Disposable Contact Lens

Finally, you can also opt to use the disposable types of lenses if you can’t bear the responsibility that it takes to clean them every night. This type of lenses is also ideal if you’re not really using them for eyesight correction. If you plan to use contact lenses for an occasion, its best for you to go for the disposable type since you are less likely to use them again anyway.

Aspects to Consider in Choosing the Right Colored Contact Lenses for You

Human Doll Halloween Costume

The use of colored contact lenses are becoming popular all throughout the world for many reasons. They are more comfortable to wear compared to eyeglasses, they help improve your vision, and they also make you look more beautiful and attractive. Colored contact lenses are also very popular especially during events such as costume parties, cosplay and even Halloweens. With varied choices to select from, ranging from natural colors to exotic ones such as Halloween contact lenses cheap, wearing them is definitely fun and exciting.

In choosing the right colored contact lenses for you, there are a lot of aspects to consider. First, you must deliberate on the event or occasion you will be joining. If you will be attending Halloween parties or costume parties or even cosplay events, it would be best to choose lenses that are bolder in design and would help you exude a more attention-grabbing aura. However, if you are planning to wear lenses purely for cosmetic purposes, there is no need for you to wear exotic-looking contacts, except if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Your personality also plays an important role when it comes to picking the best contacts for you. If you are the type of person who is bold, dramatic, and confident enough to become the center of attraction, you can go for contact lenses that are much easier to notice. You can choose bold colors (if you have brown eyes) such as green, violet, or blue and also make your eyes stand-out from your make-up. If you are the type of person who is shy, conservative, and only wants to achieve a subtle change in your look, contact lenses with natural colors are the perfect fit for you.

Your skin tone is also a major issue when it comes to choosing a suitable contact for you. Whether you have fair skin, dusky complexion, or tanned, you have to be certain that the contacts you’ve selected will complement your skin tone. Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing is the brand of the contacts. To avoid risks such as eye irritation and injury, you must buy contacts only from dealers that are trustworthy. Stick to the brand that is within your budget and that is reliable.

Choosing for the right colored lenses could be fun especially if want to experiment on your looks, however, it would be ideal if you have your eyes examined by a professional before purchasing any contact lenses.

Starting a Water Refilling Business in Australia

The chances of making a water refilling business in Australia successful are high because the continent is one of the driest in the world. Although there are states with limited water supply, there are water reserves elsewhere that the people can tap: rivers, lakes, and groundwater systems.

Water Refiling Station

Supplying potable, drinking water is another matter. This is also where water refilling can become very helpful—and for the part of the business owner, very successful.

So, how does one start a water refilling business in Australia?

One does it the same way as most businesses. Creating a business plan, marketing plan, product development, funding, et cetera are necessary to begin.

Owners need to find a location where water refilling is actually in demand and supported by the community and the local council.

There’s also the matter of acquiring gallon bottles and the equipment for water refilling and hiring staff to man the station. Getting the equipment in place is not a problem because one can always hire removalists Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth, depending on where the business will be set-up. Hiring can be done once the skeleton of the business has been set up. On the other hand, there are also refilling stations that customers can man by themselves (ex: portable, self-service water refilling booths). It all depends on what type of refilling services the owner wants to do.

Aside from these business preparations, the owners also need to apply for the required licenses, contracts and other legal requirements. These will differ for each type of business and niche. For water refilling businesses, they also need permits for water and sanitation. Getting an ABN is also a must if you are to enjoy the benefits it confers.

Australia Water Consumption

Many states in Australia actually take an active interest in water refilling businesses. There are even towns that take the initiative to install water refilling stations on strategic locations and for major community events. It’s because this business promotes the practice of sustainable living. It encourages the public to reuse and recycle their plastic water bottles instead of just throwing them away. Getting the support of the local council/government can therefore help promote a water refilling business.

Water Well Drilling in the Land Down Under

There was a time when each state in Australia had its own procedures and regulations for water well drilling. Today though, there is now a recognized, uniform process plus a licensing requirement for every water well drillers. The national standards are implemented to ensure the preservation of the underground water reserve, avoid its contamination and regulate the production of groundwater for long-term sustainability.

Well Drilling Equipment

Australia may be one of the driest continents, but it has plenty of water sources. Groundwater systems are some of them. The largest groundwater basin in the country is the Great Artesian Basin. The GAB is the world’s largest artesian basin. It actually spans 23% of the entire continent! This is where the majority of water drilling activity occurs. As of 2007, there are a total of 214 explorations and 101 developments (offshore and onshore drills combined) in Australia.

Types of Well

Where to Acquire/Apply for Licenses?

These are the locations and offices where drillers may apply for a license for water drilling:

1. Australian Capital Territory – Department of Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water
2. National – National Uniform Drillers Licensing Committee
3. New South Wales – NSW Office of Water
4. Northern Territory – Department of Land Resource Management, Water Resources Branch
5. Queensland – Department of Environment and Resource Management
6. South Australia – Department for Water
7. Tasmania – Department of Parks, Primary Industries, Water and Environment and Water Quality Testing, Analytical Services Tasmania
8. Victoria – Southern Rural Water
9. Western Australia – License Exams and Applications

3 Components for Licensing Assessment

Applicants will be assessed of their Theoretical Knowledge (written exam), Experience and Skills (oral assessment by the Drillers Licensing Board of the state), and knowledge of the Water Act in relation to the state (examination).

You can learn more about water well drillers licensing system at the ADITC (Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee Limited).

Finally, get an Australian Business Number (ABN). This is a must if you want your business to be considered as a legitimate one.