The Basic Laws of Social Media Marketing

June 30, 2016 | Comment

Using good quality content and social media marketing as a way to appeal to a wider customer base and elevate brand recognition can be a challenge to entrepreneurs not familiar with social media or Internet marketing in general. Even a few of the more seasoned business owners and marketers can make mistakes in developing their social media marketing strategies.

Although social media has been around for awhile, social media marketing is a relatively new process. Businesses are still learning new ways to effectively market their brand through social media.

So, to minimize mistakes and to make sure that you’re doing the right thing in creating your social media marketing strategy, consider learning the basics of this new form of business marketing.

Basic Laws of Social Media Marketing

1. You learn more when you listen. Listening to what your target audience is saying will help provide some insight on what they want, their interests, and what makes them tick. Take car salesmen, for example. They have a different sales pitch for every type of car they are trying to sell. Not all customers will want to buy a fancy sports car. So, they adapt their sales techniques according to the type of customer they’re dealing with. This is how you should approach social media marketing if you want your efforts to be successful.

Join discussions and learn what is relevant to your target consumers. This way, you can provide relevant, better quality content that sparks conversations. Engagement will help you develop a solid social media following of potential customers.

2. Remain focused on your target niche. Have you ever heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? This holds true when it comes to social media marketing. You can’t be all things to everyone if you want to be successful and effective in developing your brand. It’s better to have a strong, highly focused marketing strategy than implement a broad marketing campaign that aims to please everyone.

3. Be accessible to your audience. You can’t build a strong relationship with your audience if you’re not there to hear their comments or listen to their ideas. If you publish content on social media, people are going to comment on it, share their opinions, and even make a few suggestions. Participate in the discussion and connect with your followers. You must first build a bridge if you want people to cross over to your side.

4. Quality is way better than quantity. Social networking sites like Facebook have tens of millions of active users. Even if you get 1% of those to connect with you, it will still be less effective than having just 0.5% of followers who actually read your content, engage in, and share your content through their own social connections. Again, engagement is vital to any successful social media marketing strategy.

These are the fundamental elements of social media marketing. Remember that social media is more about creating and cultivating relationships and less about actual marketing. If you keep spewing marketing ads and selling your products or services, your content will lose its value and, in turn, you will lose the attention of your audience.