The Five Major Types of Heavy Equipment Used for Hauling

July 15, 2016 | Comment

When you are still a newbie in the construction industry, learning the different types of heavy equipment is important. Since heavy machinery is considered as the lifeblood of a construction business, and it would also be impossible to finish building a single infrastructure without them, it is really essential for you to become familiar with at least the most basic construction machinery.

Here’s a list of the five major types of heavy equipment that are used in hauling or transferring construction materials:



Cranes are used for lifting and moving heavy construction materials and supplies during the construction process. They are absolutely handy, especially when the building that is being constructed is multi-story. Cranes typically have a hoist, several wire ropes, and sheaves. There are several types of cranes, but the most common are the fixed and mobile cranes.  Mobile cranes are made of trusses that are mounted onto mobile platforms like flatcars or trucks. Fixed cranes, on the other hand, are attached to the ground or other stable places; they have the capability of lifting heavier loads and they also have a higher reach.


Excavators are heavy vehicles that have a digging bucket attached on the front with an extendable arm allowing it to move the bucket. This type of vehicle is used in digging holes, lifting and loading heavy materials, and demolishing buildings. However, due to their huge size, excavators typically move at a slow pace. There are also several types of excavators and among them are the dragline excavator, compact excavator, and bucket excavator.


A lot of people of people think that the term “bulldozer” refers to the entire vehicle, but it actually only refers to the dozer plate mounted on the front part of the tractor. Bulldozers are utilized in loosening hard soils and shifting dirt. They are also operated to clear an area of stumps, trees, and other debris. They can also make a pilot road. Bulldozers are among the first pieces of heavy equipment that are sent to a construction site because they are really efficient in clearing the area. Basically, bulldozers can be classified into two—track-based and wheel-based.


Trucks are also among the basic construction machinery used for hauling. Because of their high travel speeds and carrying capacity, trucks are also among the most common vehicles utilized in a construction project. Among the usual types of trucks used in construction is the dump truck. A dump truck is used for moving sand, gravel, clay, soil, and dirt. It can also be used for carrying long construction materials like steel and metal beams.


A loader is another type of heavy vehicle; it is for loading loose materials like gravel, sand, or dirt, and transferring them to another machine such as the conveyor belt or the dump truck. But apart from loose materials, a loader can also be operated for transporting other machinery. Just like the bulldozer, a loader can also be classified as wheel-based or track-based.

Construction equipment is indeed essential, so make sure that you try your best to learn more about all of them.