Four Easy Ways to Double Your Followers on Social Media

July 4, 2016 | Comment

Social media marketing is definitely a sure way of promoting your products and services and boosting your online presence. But just because your business has already signed up on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter does not instantly mean you’ll be successful in marketing your products/services. Having loyal followers and subscribers, and having regular interaction with them are also necessary to be able to say your social media marketing is indeed working.

Here are four ways for you to double the number of your social media followers:

Followers on Social Media

Post Engaging and Quality Materials

The easiest way to attract more followers is by posting engaging and quality content on your social media pages. It would be really great if what you are posting on these sites are original, fresh, shareable, and worth talking about.

Do not just post anything on your social media pages; see to it that your content is also relevant to the products or services you are offering. By doing this, you increase the chance of your audience sharing your material with their followers and friends, thus, encouraging others to also follow you.

Give Rewards to Your Followers

Another way to easily increase your social media following is by sponsoring giveaways or freebies, or giving discounted prices on the items you are selling. By simply rewarding your followers from time to time, they’ll more likely stick with you and even interact with you; there’s also a huge probability that they will tell their friends and family about the products and services you are offering. Once you run a giveaway or discount promo, you’ll instantly notice an increase in the number of your followers. And when it comes to deciding how you will reward your followers, the sky is the limit!

Participate in Discussions about Trending Topics

Wherever possible, you should also participate in online discussions about trending topics. Contribute your thoughts and opinions on threads of popular conversation. It will help you gain publicity, especially if what you’ve commented is really relevant. In finding conversations that are related to your niche, you can use social listening software or follow popular key brands to be always updated with the trends. But a word of caution: As much as possible, avoid commenting on controversial posts; it would be best if you focus on conversations that are positive and related to your niche.

Collaborate with Influencers

Working with influencers is another fast and effective way for you to increase the number of your followers. Influencers are those social media users who have already gained thousands or millions of followers. An endorsement coming from these influencers would absolutely help you gain a positive reputation and double the number of your followers. Apart from the endorsement, there are several other ways for you to work or collaborate with these influencers. You can feature them in your post, exchange reviews, and a lot more.

Apart from these tips, social media marketers also use various other methods in increasing the number of their followers instantly.