Heads-Up Display Technology Now on Modern Vehicles

August 5, 2016 | Comment

The holographic technology developed by researchers at the Cambridge University is now being adopted and incorporated into Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. This new holographic tech presents a new kind of heads-up display (HUD) for passenger vehicles, which is the first of its kind to utilize laser holographic techniques. Various information such as road speed, cruise control set speed, gear position, turn-by-turn navigation, and traffic sign recognition are projected onto the windscreen. With this hi-tech feature, the driver no longer has to take his eyes off the road.

The technology, which was conceptualized by Cambridge University’s engineering department over a decade ago, is now available on all brand-new Jaguar Land Rover passenger vehicles. Researchers behind the holographic HUD display believes that this technology is another step forward towards cars providing a more immersive driving experience and safety improvement that can someday monitor even the driver’s behavior and state of mind.

Holographic Technology

With self-driving cars now doing the parking for us, this heads-up display technology will help prevent drivers from skidding out of control or colliding with other vehicles on the road by provide accurate and real-time information right on the windscreen.

In the recent years, as smart cars are becoming more and more common, heads-up displays are not the only hi-tech feature that consumers are slowly getting familiar with. With the development of various complex in-car and software technology being integrated into road vehicles, several companies all over the world are coming up with new innovations and concepts that could potential change the way we drive cars, or even travel. Take Google, for instance, and their development of smart autonomous cars. Looks like “I, Robot” is becoming a reality.

The heads-up display technology developed at Cambridge is the first to employ laser holographic techniques, which results in more vivid colors, brightness, and contrast. Compared to other systems that are currently available, this HUD system comes in a smaller and lighter package.