Horse Coat Supplements and Other Useful Equine Grooming Tips

September 22, 2016 | Comment

To a horse owner who’s passionate about the well-being of his equine friends, there is nothing more satisfying than watching these graceful creatures prancing and running around in the sun with their beautiful, glossy coat. A horse’s coat is one of the most defining characteristics of a healthy, well-groomed equine. It’s what attracts horse enthusiasts to a specific horse; it helps the horse stand out in the show ring, and conveys the condition and overall health of the creature.

So, when a horse’s coat just isn’t as shiny or beautiful as it should be, it can be a bit disappointing and frustrating to the owner. If you want your horse to look more elegant, its coat shinier and looking healthier, here are a few useful tips that should help you get it in the best condition possible.


Five Expert Tips to a Shinier Coat and a Healthier Horse

  1. Make sure that your horse has a well-balanced, nutrition-rich diet.

The condition of a horse’s coat is a telltale sign of its health and well-being. Its body has to be in tip-top shape for it to be able to produce top quality coat. This means proper diet and making sure that the animal’s daily nutritional requirements are being met. Most manufactured feeds in the market provide a well-balanced diet for your horse as long as it is giving to the animal as directed by the manufacturer.

However, if proper feeding directions are not followed, or if the hay you give your horse is nutritionally deficient, you should consider supplementing the horse’s daily diet with the right nutritional supplements. Talk to your local veterinarian or equine nutritionist about your horse’s needs in terms of nutrients.

There is a wide range of horse supplements available in the market, from horse coat supplements, which will help give its coat a nice natural shine; to horse calming supplements, which help calm an agitated or overly excited animal.

  1. Make sure to groom your horse regularly.

When a woman’s long hair is brushed enough times, on a regular basis, it will look shiny and bouncy all day. The same goes for your horse’s coat. If you really want to make its coat look healthy and shiny, make sure to practice regular grooming. Spend quality time with the animal, currying it to stimulate the production of essential oils to help condition its coat.

As much as possible, try to groom your horse every day for at least 30 minutes up to an hour. This will not only help develop a nice shine to the animal’s coat, it will help with your relationship with your horse as well. You can expect pretty decent results after one or two weeks of regular grooming.

  1. Minimize the baths you give your equine friend.

Horses don’t lie around in mud, so they don’t typically get dirty that quickly. In fact, dogs are more likely to accumulate dirt in their coats in a single day than horses. So don’t obsess about giving your horse frequent baths. They don’t really need it unless they’re really filthy.


Frequent baths can have adverse effects to the condition of your horse’s coat. This is because water and shampoo, even shampoo developed for horses, will remove natural oils from the coat, leaving it dry and dull-looking. Natural oils are essential to the elegance and shine of the horse’s coat. So therefore frequent bathing can actually do more harm than good.

  1. Make sure to use the best quality coat conditioner.

Avoid using just any coat conditioner you can find. Instead, invest in a conditioner that can help improve the condition of the animal’s coat. Check its ingredients avoid products that contain silicone as this chemical can have a negative effect to the coat of the horse. Look for coat conditioners with specially formulated moisturizers.

  1. Have your horse dewormed regularly.

There are many factors that may cause poor coat quality in your horse. In addition to nutrient deficiency and improper diet, intestinal parasites could also be a major factor. If improving your horse’s coat condition proves difficult, even when you’re using supplements and making sure that its daily nutrient intake is sufficient, you should consider deworming the animal.

Be sure to consult with your vet if things still don’t improve. There may be other underlying factors that are yet to be discovered.

Effective Grooming Tips to Help with the Horse Coat Supplements You’re Feeding Your Horse

Here are a few horse grooming tips that should complement your efforts in making sure that your horse has a shiny and healthy coat.

  1. Use clean grooming equipment. The grooming kit that you use for your horse should be clean at all times. Before you start the grooming process, make sure to soak all brushes and combs in warm water mixed with a small amount of dishwashing detergent to remove dirt and bacteria from the bristles. Rinse the tools well and let them dry in the sun.

  1. Use proper grooming techniques. Make sure to brush the coat well in order to remove dry skin and dead hair, while effectively distributing the natural oils throughout the entire coat of the animal. Also, make sure to groom your horse regularly.

  1. Avoid bathing your horse frequently. Daily baths won’t make your horse’s coat shine or look healthy. Too much water and shampoo will only make the coat look dry. Although accumulated salt from the animal’s sweat can make the coat look rugged and dull, it can be addressed with regular grooming, not with frequent baths.

  1. Thoroughly rinse the coat after every bath. If you’re going to give your horse a bath, make sure to rinse it well, until there’s no more soapy water running off the coat. Soap or shampoo residue can negative affect the condition of the coat, and make it look dull and dry.