How to Keep an Apartment Unit Spacious

June 13, 2016 | Comment

If you’re living in an apartment unit, one of the biggest headaches that you have to deal with is lack of space. Keep in mind that these units are small and can’t really accommodate all the things that you want and need as much as you wanted them to. But regardless of this small problem, here are some great space-saving tips to keep your apartment unit comfortable for you and for your potential visitors.

Wire Organizers

Some interior designers recommend using wire organizers to clump all the electrical wires in a clean and organized manner. This method is preferred rather than leave them scattered all over the floor which is quite messy.

 Spacious Apartment Unit

Use Closets Wisely

Closets are merely intended for clothes but sometimes people use it to hide other things like small appliances and sports equipment. It will even come to a point that the closet will be full and you wouldn’t be able to store things in them anymore.

Here’s one closet space-saving tip: only store things that are important rather than things that you rarely use. You have the option of giving away these unimportant things or you can sell them so at least you earn a bit of cash.

Using Cabinets

Like closets, cabinets are reliable in giving us storage spaces to store our kitchen equipment, appliances, and so on. They are also perfect storage alternatives in case we have no more space in our closets. Some home and hardware stores sell cabinets with bigger space capacity so it’s best that you buy these types if you feel like you need more space for your things.

A caveat: it’s not good to store very heavy things in the cabinets; you’d be running the risk of these things falling on someone.

Good luck and do your best in achieving the space-saving dream!