Wise Tips for Buying Heavy Equipment for Sale in the Philippines

April 13, 2017 | Comment

So you’re in the market for heavy construction equipment. Are you wondering how you can make the most out of your investment and opt for the right purchase?

Any business that has a need for heavy equipment knows that making such a purchase entails a serious investment that requires a lot of thought and consideration. Whether you’re a big construction company or a small freelance contractor, you need to make sure that you have all the facts before making such an important decision.

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How do you decide whether to buy brand-new or previously owned equipment?

If you choose to buy brand-new, you have one sure thing going for you, access to the latest technology available for that particular equipment. But just because you have a shiny new toy, with all the cool features and attachments, doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice.

It’s true that there are some risks involved when opting for used heavy equipment, but these risks can easily be mitigated through proper research and by being cautious. You need to remember that every business decision and every action you make has some level of risk involved. Risks are always going to be a significant part of any business.

So you should keep that in mind when deciding whether to buy brand-new heavy equipment for sale in the Philippines or to opt for the used market. Consider the following process when deciding which avenue to pursue in your next heavy equipment purchase:

Heavy Equipment for Sale in the Philippines: New vs. Used

When deciding between brand-new and previously owned equipment, you need to understand that both choices have their own pros and cons, depending on your business situation.

  1. Consider your needs now and in the near future.

Figure out what equipment you need now and in the near future. Your immediate needs and your long-term goals can have a significant impact on the decision you’re about to make. If you have a pressing need for a particular piece of heavy equipment, then perhaps buying used is the right move for you, especially if you currently have a limited budget.

But if you’re planning to make a serious investment for the future of your business, then buying brand-new is perhaps the more logical solution available for you.

  1. Make sure to spend time on research and information gathering.

It’s important that you do your research and gather all the information you can about the specific piece of heavy equipment you need for your construction business, before you start contacting local dealerships and private sellers. Going in blind is not the best approach, in life and in the world of business.

  1. Consider the functionality and efficiency of both used and brand-new equipment choices.

Okay. So you have two choices in front of you, one is used and the other is brand-new. Before making your decision, you need to consider the technology behind both options. Obviously, the older equipment may have a relatively older technology compared to the brand-new model. However, this doesn’t always mean that you should immediately go with the latter.

Carefully assess the previously owned equipment and its technology and see whether or not it can still support your needs in terms of functionality and efficiency. If not, then perhaps going for the brand-new option is the more logical choice for you.

  1. Compare ownership costs between used and brand-new equipment.

When it comes to buying brand-new or used equipment, most people tend to believe that the former is the more expensive option. They’re not completely wrong, but they’re not entirely right either. Yes, buying brand-new tends to have a pretty hefty up-front cost, not to mention the insurance and other potential expenses.

However, buying used equipment also presents its own expenses. And if you’re not careful, you may end up spending more than what you bargained for. You need to consider repair costs and possible overhaul expenses when buying used machinery, especially since finding used equipment in pristine condition is not always a possibility.

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You might also want to consider the availability of specific components and parts. Rare parts tend to be rather expensive, which could end up costing you more money later on.

  1. Make sure to conduct a thorough inspection of the used equipment.

If you decide to go with previously owned heavy equipment, then you need to take the time to perform comprehensive inspection on every important component, to make sure that they’re in good working condition. It’s also a good idea to have your own mechanic conduct the inspection.